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  • Best used in a Anima defense team. It is recommended that Stella might as well be put in a Defense team for her skill. Stella (Ultimate) is recommended to be put in any team, preferably Anima as stated earlier.
  • Stella Mk.2 is one of the only daemons to not be able to raise a rarity when leveled, (not in the case of her ++ form).

More Quotes[]

Original and ++[]

  • Main: "Huh!? You mean you can see me? How does that work?"
  • Skill: "Let's play hide and seek, shall we?"
  • Pre-Transmigration: "Wha-!? <Player's Name>...You've taken such good care of me, that it seems like I can now improve..."

Ultimate and ++[]

  • Main: "Yep! I've got the sky covered!"
  • Skill: "You're my buddies! I'll protect you!"
  • Transmigration: "I'm the only one you'll fly...Right, Master Pilot?" The soul of a stealth aircraft, designed by the US Air Force. She's very fond of hide and seek...