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Saiho-ji is a popular tourist spot during the rainy summer.

Summer Rain is based off the East Asian rainy season, commonly called the plum rain. It is caused by precipitation along a persistent stationary front known as the Meiyu front for nearly two months during the late spring and early summer between eastern Russia, China, Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan. The wet season ends during the summer when the subtropical ridge becomes strong enough to push this front north of the region. However, in the years that it does not rain as much as usual, a drought might result.

The high humidity in the air during this season encourages the formation of mold and rot not only on food but on fabrics as well. Environmentally, heavy rains encourage mudslides and flooding in all areas affected. The rain also discourages tourism in many areas, except for places known for lush greenery and places in which fog and mist are considered good atmosphere.