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First Japanese treatise on Western anatomy

The Kaitai Shinsho, published in 1774.

The Kaitai Shinsho, published in 1774.Kaitai Shinsho (解体新書, Kyūjitai: 解體新書, roughly meaning “New Text on Anatomy”) is a medical text translated into Japanese during the Edo period. It is based on the Dutch-language translation Ontleedkundige Tafelen, often known in Japan as Tafel Anatomie (ターヘル・アナトミア Tāferu Anatomia), of Kulmus’ German Anatomische Tabellen. As a full-blown translation from a Western language, it was the first of its kind in Japan. It was written by Sugita Genpaku, and was published by Suharaya Ichibee (須原屋市兵衛) in 1774, the third year of An'ei. The body comprises four volumes, the illustrations, one. The contents are written kanbun-style.