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Note: Only one segment was found of the wandering ghsot dialogue.

The Ninja Village[]

Character Dialogue
Mira what's that? You'd think that a ninja village would prefer something more low-key...
Mira Wow, just look at all those mansions!
Mira Well you see, it's called a ninja village, but in fact it's only ghosts who've already gone over to the Other Side that live here.
Chiyome Mochizuki It's a sacred place, the final sanctuary for ghosts who had some connections in the ninja world...
Mira Oh! Well, hello there! Are you our contact, by any chance?
Mira It's totally invisible to regular folk, and it's specially designed so it won't come to any harm.
Chiyome Mochizuki That's right. My name's Chiyo.
Chiyome Mochizuki And you two must be <Player's Name> and Mira, is that right?
Chiyome Mochizuki The Guild advised me that you'd be visiting. Please come this way, I'll show you around.
Mira Come on, Master! Let's follow her.
Mira Why, thank you!

The Plot[]

Character Dialogue
Narrator Ninja VIllage: Main Shrine
Munenori Yagyu There are agents here, you say?
Masanari Hattori I bet it's the secret document they're after...
Munenori Yagyu I heard that Emperor Sutoku has come back to life... My guess is they're all in a flap about that, and seeking help...
Masanari Hattori What shall we do about it?
Munenori Yagyu I don't believe we have any choice, do we...?
Dora I can't see <Player's Name>, either... Perhaps they've sneaked off for a drink somewhere...
Narrator Ninja Vilage: Entrance
Dora Hmmm... Where on earth can Mira have gotten to?

The Secret Document[]

Character Dialogue
Mira So what exactly is the situation with this secret document, Chiyo?
Chiyome Mochizuki ...
Chiyome Mochizuki It's a document that cannot...or perhaps, should not exist in this world.
Chiyome Mochizuki What have the Guild told you about it?
Mira O-Oh, goodness... That sounds rather...alarming...
Mira Oh, nothing specfic, really...
Chiyome Mochizuki I suppose they were worried that if you knew the details, it could adversely affect your personal affairs...
Chiyome Mochizuki Perhaps agents and ninjas are not so dissimilar from one another...
Mira Are you a ninja, Chiyo!?
Chiyome Mochizuki No, no... I'm just a... No, nevermind.

The Other Side[]

Character Dialogue
Narrator A Certain Location in Ninja Village
Sasuke Sarutobi Oh man, what was I thinking when I agreed to take this assignment on?
Saizo Kirigakure Stop that stupid whining, or I'll bite off your tongue. Actually I'd rather you bit it off yourself... Then bled to death...
Sasuke Sarutobi Shut it, Saizo! You're just jealous of my natural talents...
Saizo Kirigakure There are agents walking around already... This is going to be a race against the clock. Stragglers are the very last thing we need.
Sasuke Sarutobi I'm not into this, you know... There might be past comrades of ours there...
Saizo Kirigakure It's only natural that people would be looking to get their hands on new sources of power... As ninjas, our solo duty is to obey our master. Remember that.
Saizo Kirigakure The ghosts have plunged Japan into a state of total chaos...
Sasuke Sarutobi Power, you say...
Sasuke Sarutobi Guess they've got no idea what kind of person Shotaro is, eh...
Sasuke Sarutobi They're probably expecting some kinda great, powerful demon or something...
Saizo Kirigakure Public deception is one of the most important talents in a ninja's skillset. It speaks only to Shotaro's credit.
Sasuke Sarutobi Yeah, but the only ones who are actually taken in are idiots anyway, right?
Saizo Kirigakure ...
Mira So you don't really know where the secret document is, or what it looks like either, Chiyo?
Sasuke Sarutobi Look, someone's coming. We'd better hide.
Chiyome Mochizuki Well, since it's a 'document', I guess it must be either a scroll, or a book, or something like that...
Mira If the Guild has ordered their entire workforce to hunt it down, I suppose the contents must be extremely secret indeed...
Mira For now, let's just try and collect all the scrolls we can find.
Mira Is that a plan or what, Master?!
Mira Agreed!
Chiyome Mochizuki There's no doubt that the secret document is somewhere in this village, so you might as well press further in...
Chiyome Mochizuki ...
Mira Chiyo! We're getting off!
Chiyome Mochizuki Okay, I'll be waiting for you!
Sasuke Sarutobi ...
Saizo Kirigaukre Did they seen us?
Sasuke Sarutobi No idea... But I'm sure I've seen that woman somewhere before...

The Retinue[]

Character Dialogue
Narrator Ninja VIllage: Hattori Gate
Red Rogue I smell humans... Humans in this village...
Taima Shuriken What is the situation, Lord Hattori?
Masanari Hattori Agents from all across Japan are arriving here in search of the secret document...
Taima Shuriken ...The secret document?!
Red Rogue What an outrage!
Masanari Hattori We must not let anybody get their dirty hands on it. All intruders must be obliterated! Understood?
Taima Shuriken Yes, my Lord!
Red Rogue Just as you say.
Narrator Ninja Village: Main Shrine
Munenori Yagyu (As if I would ever let the document be stolen... I shall stake the honor of the Yagyu clan on protecting it!)
Munenori Yagyu (.........)
Munenori Yagyu (Right, Shotaro Fuma?) )
Munenori Yagyu (For the sake of your once noble soul that has crumbled into nothing, I must protect it...)
Shotaro Fuma (.........)

The Abyss[]

Character Dialogue
Narrator Ninja Village: First Gate
Mira Don't things fall down there, with just this flimsy fence?
Mira Wow, that's quite a steep drop down there to that valley...
Chiyome Mochizuki Heehee...
Mira Oh...ah...ahahah!
Mira (M-Master, what was so funny about what I said...? I don't get it...)
Chiyome Mochizuki Apparently in the older days, they used to throw criminals or traitors off here to their deaths...
Mira Yikes... I get gooseflesh just thinking about it...
Chiyome Mochizuki It's said that nobody who's seen the bottom of the valley has come back alive...
Mira Is that so... I can see a number levels extending down beneath us... How many are there?
Chiyome Mochizuki Only a very small number of people can pass through the lower levels, you see, so nobody's really sure...
Chiyome Mochizuki I think there's about 200 in total.
Mira I suppose it would make sense for something as secret as our document to be on the very bottom level, right...?

The Retinue, Part II[]

Character Dialogue
[[Other characters}Narrator]] Ninja Village: Hidden Passageway
Red Rogue How's it all looking?
Taima Shuriken Absolutely great. The agents seem to be thoroughly lost.
Red Rogue Still, they're putting up a decent fight... Living up to the rumors we hear about the Guild's minions...
Taima Shuriken Yes, just listen to that panting... There's the proof of a good fight, It's been a long time since it last happened!
Red Rogue Yeah. It's been a good few hundred years since I became a ghost and began to serve you, my Master... In all that time, I've never seen a battle like this.
Taima Shuriken And yet our track remains the same... To show our devotion to our Master... ONLY that...
Red Rogue What's wrong?
Taima Shuriken N-Nothing. I just...
Red Rogue Just...?
Taima Shuriken Sorry. FOrget about it. I'll form the vanguard and go on ahead.
Red Rogue Ah... Okay.
Taima Shuriken (Everything's been so peaceful for so long...)
Taima Shuriken (I don't even know how to use my ninja skills anymore!)
Red Rogue ...
Red Rogue Taima... Our fates were sealed from the movement we were born.
Red Rogue We are never to seek anything for ourselves.
Red Rogue Such is our duty!

The Secret Door[]

Character Dialogue


Ninja Village:
Chiyome Mochizuki It's this way, <Player's Name>
Mira Wow, look! That wall is moving...!
Chiyome Mochizuki Being a Ninja Village, you see, there's no end to these kinds of tricks and traps...
Mira Goodness, it's like the Guild...
Chiyome Mochizuki So they have some things in common, do they? I bet the entrance to a hidden passsage lying behind that hanging scroll, isn't it?
Mira Haha! No, nothing quite that...predictable I'm afraid. But there's plenty of traps to try and deter intruders...
Mira M-Master! What are you looking at me like that for?
Mira My days of forgetting to disarm the traps are long gone!
Chiyome Mochizuke You know, watching you two, I realize that ninjas and agents aren't so similar after all...
Mira Oh, is that so?
Chiyome Mochizuki For their masters, ninjas are nothing more than a tool, an instrument... If they were to forget how to deal with deterrence traps, for instance...
Chiyome Mochizuki That would be the end of them, then and there!
Mira Oh... I can't understand that kind of thinking at all...
Mira It doesn't make sense to me at all, separating people out into master and slaves, treating them just like instruments...
Chiyome Mochizuki ...
Chiyome Mochizuki I..I think...you're better off not understanding...
Mira Oh, Chiyo...!

A Sudden Presence[]

Character Dialogue
Narrator Ninja Village: Taima Gate
Mira Hmm...? There's a strange presence here...
Chiyome Mochizuki It feels to me as though there's a powerful being on this level...
Mira We had better watch out, Master!

The Exorcising Shuriken[]

Character Dialogue
Narrator Ninja Village: Taima Gate
Mira Waarrgh!
Chiyome Mochizuki It's a shuriken...!
Taima Shuriken Agent! State your purpose for coming here!
Chiyome Mochizuki (And it seemse to be invested with exorcising properties... Which means its owner must be...)
Mira Don't feel you have to explain yourself to him, Master! You can rest assured that anybody who comes along throwing a shuriken doesn't have friendly intentions!
Taima Shuriken You've got guts... But not for much longer!
Mira You think you can threaten us? Well, beware!
Mira You underestimate my Master at your peril!
Chiyome Mochizuki Mira, I think you had best take a step back now.
Mira But...!
Chiyome Mochizuki That's the anima of a exorcising shuriken, you know...
Chiyome Mochizuki If it hits you, it'll steal away all your spiritual powers and paralyze you. Permanently...
Chiyome Mochizuke There's nothing more bothersome particular for daemons like yourself.
Mira O-Okay! I'll do as you say...
Taima Shuriken Using your own master as a shield...
Taima Shuriken Is that how a true daemon behaves? Pah! I ask you...
Mira Tsk.
Taima SHuriken I can't even bear to look at you. I haven't even got the energy to kill you, in fact... Rot and die!

The Ninja Art of Escape[]

Character Dialogue
[[Other characters}Narrator]] Ninja Village: Taima Gate
Mira Huh? Where did that ninja go!?
Mira Look, there's a string of paper dolls lying on the ground... He must have changed form...
Chiyome Mochizuke What an incredible escape technique...
Mira This is hardly the time for admiration, Chiyo!
Chiyome Mochizuki He can't have got far... Let's keep on pressing forward.
Mira Y-Yes...

Friend or Foe[]

Character Dialogue
Narrator Ninja Village: Hidden Passageway
Taima Shuriken What a mess...
Masanari Hattori Have you dealt with the enemy?
Taima Shuriken

Lord Hattori!? What are you doing here?

Masanari Hattori I asked you if you'd dealt with the enemy.
Taima Shuriken Er, right, my Lord! Most of the agents sent here were good-for-nothings without a chance. However...
Masanari Hattori There is an exception?
Taima Shuriken Er... Yes... An agent with spiritual powers that are quite out of the ordinary...
Taima Shuriken Although in my view, the daemon accompanying that agent doesn't even deserve the name...
Masanari Hattori I don't care about your views. Any others?
Taima Shuriken Actually, there was someone with them. A woman who looked like a shrine maiden.
Masanari Hattori A shrine maiden? So Takeda's pests have started hanging around with the Guild now, have they?
Masanari Hattori ...Very well. We need more information. Don't kill that agent just yet.
Taima Shuriken As you wish. I shall be off, then.
Masanari Hattori ...
Narrator Ninja Village: Taima Gate
Chiyome Mochizuki Is it still troubling you?
Mira Oh...sorry... Yes, for some reason I just can't seem to get what that ninja said out of my head...
Chiyome Mochizuki Look, it's inevitable that ghosts living in different worlds will have different approaches to life, and different ways of seeing things.
Chiyome Mochizuki You must stick with your own way, Mira, and trust it!
Mira ...
Chiyome Mochizuki Your Master understands that, too.
Chiyome Mochizuki Aren't I right, <Player's Name>?
Mira Oh, Master...

The Other Side[]

Character Dialogue


A Certain Location in Ninja Village
Saizo Kirigakure It looks that way... But the eyes do not always speak the truth.
Sasuke Sarutobi Is this the central point in the village?
Sasuke Sarutobi We didn't face much resistance on the way here... Isn't the Guild supposed to have sent all its agents here?
Saizo Kirigakure Erm.... We seem to have been lured into something, Sasuke...
Sasuke Sarutobi Eh?
Munenori Yagyu Sasuke and Saizo, eh? I'm surprised to see you two getting along so well!
Sasuke Sarutobi Don't be ridiculous! This idiot just latched himself onto me.
Saizo Kirigakure What!? How can you say that?! It's you that copies everything I do!
Munenori Yagyu You know, there was a time when I considered you worthy of respect.
Sasuke Sarutobi God you make me sick. I'm going to have fun with you!
Munenori Yagyu But I've realized now just what a big mistake that was.
Munenori Yagyu Ha! Everyone will soon know what you truly are, you Sanada idiots!
Munenori Yagyu What right do you traitors who've abandoned the ninja life have to go commenting on our chosen way? None, none at all!
Sasuke Sarutobi

That's it, get it out your system... Though you know that by indulging these old grudges, you've only succumbing to the bonds of the past. It's you who'll be left behind!

Munenori Yagyu Is it Shotaro that you're after?
Saizo Kirigakure The King of Koga... Or should I say...
Saizo Kirigakure The Queen.

The Exorcising Shuriken !![]

Character Dialogue
Narrator Ninja Village: Taima Gate
Mira Huh? He's gone!
Chiyome Mochizuki Don't forget your'e fighting a ninja! Disappearing is child's play to them.
Mira Hmmm...
Narrator Ninja Village: Taima Gate
Mira Is there a game for the ninja trick where you're made to fight the same ninja over and over again, I wonder?
Chiyome Mochizuki Yes, it's the Clone Technique. The ninjas produce phantom clones of themselves, which they send into battle.
Mira So they're phantoms, but you can touch them?
Chiyome Mochizuki Material phantoms, I blieve they're called...
Mira What...!?
Chiyome Mochizuki Hm?
Mira Oh no, nothing...
Chiyome Mochizuki (I can sense someone looking at me... Is it a trick of that exorcising shuriken, I wonder?)

A Decision is Made[]

Characters Dialogue
Narrator Ninja Village: Taima Hall
Taima Shuriken If things progress any further, I shall have no more control any more... So, my time has finally come, has it?
Red Rogue Taima, that's a pretty glum-looking face you've got there...
Taima Shuriken This is the end for me! It's only natural I should be feeling somewhat pensive...
Red Rogue Are you missing the status you once had?
Taima Shuriken No, it's not exactly that...
Taima Shuriken ...
Red Rogue Listen, Lord Hattori gave himself in order to save us ninjas...
Red Rogue We have served Lord Hattori all our lives, supported him.
Red Rogue Even taking shame upon his great name in order to permit our survival...
Red Rogue When will we ever pay him back for his service to us if not now?
Taima Shuriken How can you tell me that, as if you think I could have forgotten!?
Taima Shuriken As if I could have forgotten my gratitude, or forgotten the anger I feel towards the one that tarnished Lord Hattori's name!
Red Rogue Calm yourself, Taima.
Red Rogue Remember, we msut do just as our Master demands. That is all.
Taima Shuriken (Your heart is pure, Red... I could never be like you are...)
Taima Shuriken (That is not enough for me...)
Taima Shuriken (When this life of mine comes to an end, my old friends will doubtless call it a noble death. And yet...)
Taima Shuriken That agent is strong.
Taima Shuriken Be warned, Red.
Red Rogue Farewell, Taima.

Risking it All!=[]

Character Dialogue
Narrator Ninja Village: Taima Hall
Taima Shuriken The agent has come.
Mira He looks like the real thing, Master!
Taima Shuriken Needless to say, this is the Taima Gate's inner sanctum. It is my duty to protect it.
Mira If we asked you very nicely to let us pass, would you?
Taima Shuriken If I didn't protect it, then who will?
Taima Shuriken Even if I was on the verge of being pulverized into a million pieces, still I wouldn't let you pass! That is the sign of true devotion to my master!
Taima Shuriken Watch out, here I come!

=A Plea[]

Character Dialogue
Narator NInja Village: Taima Hall
Taima Shuriken Guuurrrrgh!
Taima Shuriken This is it... I can't go any...
Mira No! Stop!
Taima Shuriken Huh..!?
Mira You can't go killing yourself!
Taima Shuriken Surely you're not taking pity on a ninja!?
Taima Shuriken This is the place for me to die... Don't stand in my way, you pest...
Mira P-Pest...!?
Taima Shuriken That's right... Daemons should follow the orders of their masters. They must serve as their shield. That is the entirety of their duty.
Taima Shuriken That should be the dream of any ghost!
Taima Shuriken And yet, look at you... Without that dream, You are nothing but a foul pest!
Mira ...
Mira Y-You're wrong! You're absolutely and completely wrong!
Mira If I gave my life away for my master's sake, my master would grieve terribly!
Taima Shuriken ...!
Taima Shuriken Grieve...!?
Mira That's right! As one in the service of my Master...
Mira I think of it as my most important duty to carry on serving until the day that my master's appointed mission is complete!
Chiyome Mochizuki Mira, I think you've maybe said en-...
Taima Shuriken ...
Mira Why don't you come and serve my Master too?
Chiyome Mochizuki MIRA!
Taima Shuriken ...You mean... Betray my own master?
Mira No! I mean, al of you should become <Player's Name>'s daemons!
Mira <Player's Name> is the one who will guide all of us ghosts towards the light!
Taima Shuriken I'm afraid it just sounds like a cult to me... Puh hah...
Mira Oh! You're laughing at me now, are you?
Taima Shuriken Look... You do realize, don't you, that my master is powerful?
Mira As is mine.
Taima Shuriken Wahhh hah hah! You're nothing if not persistant, are you?
Taima Shuriken Alright, I'll give this business of trusting <Player's Name> a shot.
Taima Shuriken Let's see what your master can do to change the fate of the ninjas, close to extinctionas we are...

The Ninja Dog[]

Character Dialogue
Narrator Ninja Village: Red Gate
Red Rogue Taima... The very thing you were worrying about, questing for, was there...
Red Rogue I have no desire to fight you, but I supposed I have no choice in the matter...
Masanari Hattori ...
Red Rogue Lord Hattori?
Masanari Hattori From now on, this fortress is yours, You know that, right?
Red Rogue Of course! Don't I look like a ninja dog to you? I will put a stop to the agent even if it costs me my life.
Masanari Hattori That's the spirit. Don't lose it...
Red Rogue Understood.
Red Rogue (Taima... I...)

The Other Side[]

Character Dialogue
Narrator Ninja Village: Main Shrine
Munenori Yagyu What to do with Shotaro?
Sasuke Sarutobi Hand her over to the Guild.
Saizo Kirigakure Sasuke! You'd do better to shut your mouth!
Sasuke Sarutobi Quit hassling me. She knows the deal anyway. The result's gonna be the same whatever, so the process is unimportant..
Munenori Yagyu Are you saying that you know where Shotaro is now?
Saizo Kirigakure Nope.
Saizo Kirigakure You must procure all information for yourself. That's our philosophy, see?
Sasuke Sarutobi That's it!
Munenori Yagyu You want to fight me?
Munenori Yagyu !?
Sasuke Sarutobi Well na-tu-ra-lly!
Sasuke Sarutobi !!!
Sasuke Sarutobi Garrrgh...
Munenori Yagyu You talk too much to ever hope to catch people off guard... Stupid old Sasuke...
Masanari Hattori Get lost with you...
Saizo Kirigakure Masanari Hattori...!

The Encounter[]

Character Dialogue
Narrator Ninja Village: Red Gate
Mira I see... You were in the service of Masanari Hattori...
Taima Shuriken That's Lord Hattori to you!
Mira Understood, Mr. Taima.
Taima Shuriken What's more, I have a name of my own... The exorcising shuriken... Though you can call me Taima.
Mira This is <Player's Name>, and I'm Mira. And this is...
Chiyome Mochizuki My name is Chiyo
Taima Shuriken Have we, erm, met somewhere before...?
Chiyome Mochizuki I work as a shrine maiden int he village, so it's possible.
Taima Shuriken ...I see.


You know, Taima's master is Lord Masanari Hattori...
Mira That's not the same Lord Hattor of worldwide fame, is it? The one responsible for bringing about the demise of his clan?
Red Rogue I won't stand for any mocking of my Master!
Taima Shuriken Red...?!
Red Rogue Taima! No complaints! This was your decision, remember?
Taima Shuriken ...I can't. I must live... I want to live!
Red Rogue You're better off dying right there, I'll nurse you through to the end. Think of it as a finaly offering on my part.
Taima Shuriken In that case... I believe we are now enemies!
Taima Shuriken Red... Oh, Red...
Mira Has he disappeared...!?
Red Rogue Did you really think I'd let the Red Gate fall into your hands?

A Lonely Soul[]

Character Dialogue
Narrator Ninja Village: Red Gate
Mira What's the deal with that, er, ghost dog?
Taima Shuriken It's a ninja dog that Lord Hattori trained up especially. His name is Red, Red Rogue.
Taima Shuriken His training began no sooner than he was born, and accordingly he is said to be the most advanced ninja instrument around.
Mira Can you really call a living, breathing being a 'ninja instrument'?
Taima Shuriken Back in the old days, masters demanded ultimate subservience from their dogs. The dogs were like another set of hands and feet to them...
Chiyome Mochizuki I've heard that ninja dogs had a whole range of skills, from carrying messages to assassinations...
Taima Shuriken He's not going to make things easy for us.

The Other Side[]

Characters Dialogue
Narrator Ninja Village: Main Shrine
Sasuke Sarutobi Oh, it's Hattori... What a pain!
Munenori Yagyu Even if you joined forces, you wouldn't be even half as powerful as me...
Saizo Kirigakure That's big talk coming from someone like you...
Masanari Hattori ...
Masanari Hattori Carry on fighting and killing one another like this is no more than child's play. Put down your swords, Sanada ninjas!
Sasuke Sarutobi ...
Saizo Kirigakure ...Okay.
Sasuke Sarutobi Psh... Alright, alright.
Masanari Hattori Very good. You don't have to tell me what it is you want. It's obvious
Masanari Hattori Yet there is something that we must protect.
Masanari Hattori Give it up warriors of the shadow. I have no intention of fighting you all as ghosts.
Sasuke Sarutobi You gotta be kidding! Jeez, what an ask... Alright, fine. I'll do as you say, justthis time.
Saizo Kirigakure But there's something I have to do regardless. I'll see you later.
Masanari Hattori ...

Tight Spot[]

Characters Dialogue
Narrator Ninja Village: Red Gate
Red Rogue The agent is getting closer... I can tell from the stench...
Red Rogue ...
Red Rogue Grrr! Here I come...
Mira Hmm...?! A ninja dog?!

A Retreat[]

Character Dialogue
Narrator Ninja Village: Red Gate
Red Rogue Arrrgghh!
Red Rogue (So this is where I must make my exit)
Mira Sheesh... He seems to have disappeared
Taima Shuriken It's another of his tricks...
Taima Shuriken Appearing out of nowhere, then disappearing like the wind...
Taima Shuriken It happens over and over again, until you start to think maybe there's more than one Red...
Chiyome Mochizuke The Clone Technique...right?
Taima Shuriken Exactly.
Mira Huh? Is it true that cloning yourself actually involves the body breaking up into smaller parts?
Taima Shuriken Oh, that's just a myth... If that really happened, there wouldn't be any battles... They'd be far too one-sided
Mira I suppose you're right. Ahahaha!

Ninja Tricks[]

Character Dialogue
Narrator Ninja Village: Red Gate
Mira It really seems like these are lots of different Reds...
Mira I'm feeling quite worn out...
Taima Shuriken There must be a limit to such dog's performance... What's more, I think we're nearly done with this gate.
Mira Oh, really?
Chiyome Mochizuki What lies ahead?
Taima Shuriken Oh, erm... Lord Hattori's mansion
Mira Well... That sounds like it would be a good a place as any to look for the secret document!
Chiyome Mochizuki (Gulp!)

The River never Ceases[]

Character Dialogue
Narrator Ninja Village: Red Gate
Taima Shuriken Are you and <Player's Name> always like that with one another?
Mira What exactly do you mean by "like that"?
Taima Shuriken All that meaningless talk... It seems like nothing of significance ever gets said between you!
Mira What are you saying?! It's much more fun this way!
Taima Shuriken ...Fun?
Mira That's right! We ghosts have the right to laugh and cry and everything, just like living people do!
Mira Right, Master?
Taima Shuriken <Player's Name>...
Mira This way is the best!
Taima Shuriken It seems like the world has become a much easier place to live in.
Taima Shuriken Nothing remains of the world that we used to know...
Mira As the classic text said so eloquently, 'the river never ceases to flow...'
Taima Shuriken (So what I was searching for, all that time, was freedom... What does that say about me as a ninja? I'm a failure!)
Mira Yes! Much, much easier!
Narrator Ninja Village: Main Shrine
Munenori Yagyu So Taima's changed sides, has he?
Munenori Yagyu He must really want to rid himself of his shame.
Masanari Hattori ...
Munenori Yagyu I would hardly call him a worthy subordinate... In any case, make sure you bury him with your own hands.
Masanari Hattori Right you are...

The Other Side[]

Character Dialogue
Narrator A Certain Location in Ninja Village
Sasuke Sarutobi What shall we do? Shall we go back?
Saizo Kirigakure Are you out of your mind?
Sasuke Sarutobi I was just kidding! But what are we aiming for?
Saizo Kirigakure Isn't it obvious?
Sasuke Sarutobi The agent, eh...
Saizo Kirigakure You catch on quick. Then there's that shrine maiden, too...
Sasuke Sarutobi Of course... Right, shall we go?
Saizo Kirigakure Yup.

An Encounter Between "Instruments"[]

Character Dialogue
Narrator Ninja Village: Red Palace
Taima Shuriken Here we are... Inside the Red Gate... At the Red Palace...
Red Rogue So you made it here, did you?
Taima Shuriken Listen, Red... Our era is over. We've got to change with the times.
Red Rogue You expect me to listen to a traitor like you?!
Taima Shuriken You're right, I am a traitor... But that doesn't change the fact that the days when we could devote our lives to others are over.
Red Rogue Our lives?! We are but instruments! We do not have lives of our own!
Taima Shuriken Oh, this is no good. He's never going to listen. Not unless we make him!

The Acquisition[]

Character Dialogue
Narrator Ninja Village: Red Palace
Red Rogue Ngh...!
Red Rogue I had hoped it wouldn't come to this... But now you must feel my steel, Agent!
Mira !
Mira Watch out, Master!
Narrator ?!
Red Rogue Huh...?!
Taima Shuriken Grrrrgh!
Mira T-Taima?!
Taima Shuriken It's all right. It's just a scratch
Red Rogue Y-You...!
Taima Shuriken Maybe he'll be able to save our master! Maybe he can rescure Lord Hattori!
Taima Shuriken Listen Red... We need to trust <Player's Name>. I think it's for the best.
Red Rogue What makes you say that...?
Taima Shuriken I have been granted freedom.
Red Rogue Freedom?
Taima Shuriken That's right. I don't follow orders any more. I have the freedom to do what I want.
Taima Shuriken Lord Hattori, on the other hand... He's trapped. Trapped by the past, by himself... By those he feels he should be protecting! He's the burdened, just as I was...
Taima Shuriken But things are different now. There's nothing to fear, Red. I can hold my head up proud and he myself!
Taima Shuriken I will not let my master or my status prevent me from helping my friend!
Red Rogue ...!?
Taima Shuriken You're... S-Sasuke Sarutobi?! And you're...
Red Rogue Saizo Kirigakure?!
Sasuke Sarutobi Ha ha! So you've finally realized, have you?
Sasuke Sarutobi Now, you're <Player's ame>, aren't you? You look like you might have some talent.
Saizo Kirigakure That's right. And what of it?
Sasuke Sarutobi That shrine maiden can come with us as well, right? The one who hasn't said a word?
Saizo Kirigakure What say we join forces for a while?
Chiyome Mochizuki Oh, yes. Of course she can...


Character Dialogue
Narrator Ninja Village: Hattori Gate
Sasuke Sarutobi So this is Hattori's mansion...
Taima Shuriken Lord Hattori...
Red Rogue ...
Sasuke Sarutobi Why are you looking so down? You haven't done anything wrong. You were always loyal to him...
Saizo Kirigakure That's right. Now, how about you lead the way into the mansion?
Taima Shuriken Just like the other buildings, this mansion's got a number of floors, and it's bound to be full of Lord Hattori's phantoms.
Sasuke Sarutobi What?!
Red Rogue Lord Hattori's phantoms are not like ours. In fact, they don't even compare...
Mira Material phantoms, right?
Sasuke Sarutobi Oh, sorry. I didn't think you'd know about those...
Saizo Kirigakure What do you mean, exactly?
Red Rogue His phantoms have a shared intelligence.
Saizo Kirigakure I see. I guess that means they learn from each other's experience...
Sasuke Sarutobi So basically, they're gradually going to become stronger as we progress? Well, that's no problem - we'll just have to become even stronger ourselves!
Mira Our new friends sure have a lot of spirit, don't they, Master?
Mira A-All right!


Character Dialogue
Narrator Ninja Village: Hattori Gate
Narrator ...
Masanari Hattori (I have given everything for my master...)
Masanari Hattori And yet... The way Sasuke and Saizo live...)
Masanari Hattori (I would gladly give my life to honor him. I would consider it a privilege.)
Masanari Hattori (I feel a certain...envy, perhaps...)

Masanari Hattori[]

Character Dialogue
Narrator Ninja Village: Hattori's Palace
Taima Shuriken We're deep inside Lord Hattori's Palace now.
Saizo Kirigakure Well? Is he here?
Masanari Hattori Indeed I am.
Sasuke Sarutobi Let us through, Hattori.
Masanari Hattori That is impossible
Saizo Kirigakure All right... How about we have a little discussion instead?
Masanari Hattori That is also impossible.
Taima Shuriken Lord Hattori...?!
Masanaari Hattori I have been given orders to destroy you. I must carry out my orders.
Red Rogue Ngh...!
Sasuke Sarutobi (You really are the mightiest of all ninjas. And yet...)
Sasuke Sarutobi Your thinking's out of date, Hattori.
Saizo kirigakure You must realize that, in the bottom of your heart/
Masanari Hattori ...
Mira Do you always follow your orders without question?
Masanari Hattori Of course.
Mira Well... What if you were ordered to die?
Masanari Hattori Then I would kill myself, without a moment's hesitation.
Mira Th-That's...
Mira That's just weird!
Masanari Hattori Enough! There shall be no more talk of this.
Masanari Hattori I will not allow you to provoke me further!

As Leaves Fall[]

Character Dialogue
Narrator Ninja Village: Hattori's SPalace
Masnari Hattori Phew... Ngh...
Masanari Hattori ...
Masanari Hattori ...
Masanari Hattori I was...defeated?
Masanari Hattori Then I shall see you in the next life...
Masanari Hattori Huh...!?
Masanari Hattori Tsk... Taima and Red, eh...
Taima Shuriken Lord Hattori, it's time to put an end to all this.
Red Rogue There was no need for you to shoulder the burden of dishonor all by yourself Lord Hattori...
Masnari Hattori Stop it...
Taima Shuriken It's time for everything to be revealed...
Masnari Hattori I told you to stop it!
Mira What do they mean?
Masanari Hattori ...
Sasuke Sarutobi Hiding something, are you, Hattori?
Masanari Hattori I'll tell all... But you must kill me afterwards. Are you willing to do that?

Speaking Out[]

Character Dialogue
Narrator Ninja Village: Summer House
Mira S-So the names inscribed on the bell in the temple are all the people who were involved in the plotting?!
Masanari Hattori That's right...
Masanari Hattori The plot was formulated by a priest who is also a government minister. Lord Yagyu was in charge of it all.
Masanari Hattori Shotaro and were part of a task force, that was involved in a number of...maneuvers.
Taima Shuriken Yes. And that's not all... Lord Hattori was accused of terrible crimes that he did not committ.  He was consigned to the shadows of history. All because he didn't speak out...
Sasuke Sarutobi Those maneuvers led to the downfall of the Toyotomi's, did they?
Red Rogue I will never forgive myself for that!
Saizo Kirigakure What about Shotaro?
Mira And that's why Masanari Hattori has still got such a bad reputation?
Masanari Hattori Her soul has been sealed away, along with the secret document itself. She is at peace now. ALl is right with her world.
Masanari Hattori But if we hadn't done what we did, both our clan and the Yagyu clan would have been wiped out.
Mira Do you really believe that?
Masanari Hattori That's what conquest is about. That's what history is about...
Sasuke Sarutobi That sly old Fox just gets worse and worse...
Mira So... What's in the secret document, then?
Masanari Hattori The secret document contains all the details of the plot.
Saizo Kirigakure So it's going to be blackmail- I mean negotiation, is it?
Masanari hattori I cannot simply die now. Lord Yagyu and I kept the scrolls so that we'd have some leverage when dealing with the shogunate.
Taima Shuriken ...
Sasuke Sarutobi What's got you so ticked?
Masanari Hattori Keh heh. Ha ha ha!
Masanari Hattori Oh, it's just funny, that's al... I've concealed the truth for hundreds of yours, and now that it's come to light...
Masanari Hattori It's such a relief!
Masanari Hattori I wasn't expecting that!
Red Rogue Lord Hattori...
Sasuke Sarutobi Hold on a minute! You can't relax just yet.
Masanari Hattori I feel a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders...
Sasuke Sarutobi Don't tell me you're happy to be rescued by your subordinates, but willing to leave your own master flundering?
Saizo Kirigakure There's still one thing that meeds to be done.
Masanari Hattori You mean Lord Yagyu
Sasuke Sarutobi Exactly.

The Serpent[]

Character Dialogue
Narrator Ninja Village: Main Palace
Munenori Yagyu No matter how bloody the battles become, I always protected my clan. That is what a leader must do.
Munenori Yagyu I will protect you now. I will take on the burden!
Narrator Ninja Village: Serpents Path
Mira There's a reallly horrible smell around here...
Masanari Hattori Well, they do call this the Serpent's Path...
Chiyome Mochizuki So this is the place I've heard rumors about...
Mira Is this path famous, then?
Chiyome Mochizuki Yes. Apparently it is home to a giant serpent, hundreds of yards long...
Mira W-Wait, what?!
Sasuke Sarutobi Oh! I'd forgotten that the girl was with us!
Saizo Kirigakure I suppose so...
Chiyome Mochizuki I've been here the whole time! IT just takes a lot of guts for an outsider to get into your cozy club, that's all...
Mira All right, come on everyone! Let's get moving before the serpent makes an appearance!

A Summoning[]

Character Dialogue
Masanari Hattori !?
Munenori Yagyu You're betraying me Hattori?
Mira Munenori Yagyu?!
Munenori Yagyu I am devastated...
Munenori Yagyu I thought, after I'd sealed Shotaro away and spared you, that you would return some of the faith I showed in you...
Munenori Yagyu And yet THIS is how you repay me...
Masanari Hattori I do appreciate what you did. Lord Yagyu...
Masanari Hattori But I can no longer go on living. My thoughts have had several hundred years to consolidate themselves.
Masanari Hattori I am filled with regret.
Masanari Hattori I regret that I lost my way as a ninja when confronted with power...
Munenori Yagyu You are no longer a ninja...
Masanari Hattori Indeed not, but I've rediscovered something! Something that no human should be without!
Munenori Yagyu A ghost, speaking of being human?!
Munenori Yagyu Come, serpent!
Munenori Yagyu I have had enough of this farce. All of you know things that you shouldn't. I'm afraid I cannot let you live.
Mira !?
Sasuke Sarutobi He's summoning a snake!
Munenori Yagyu You can try running away. Try running to the ends of the earth...
Saizo Kirigakure Behind us!
Orochi Heh heh heh...
Sasuke Sarutobi Oh! This snake is rather...voluptuous...
Orochi Hisss!
Sasuke Sarutobi Whoa! It's getting bigger!

Temporary Withdrawal[]

Character Dialogue
Narrator Ninja Village: Serpant's Path
Saizo Kirigakure Let's get out of here! We need to regorup before taking this thing out!
Masanari Hattori Over here, everyone!
Mira Th-This is terrible, Master! We've got to excape!

Snake Attack![]

Character Dialogue
Narrator Ninja Village: Serpant's Path
Orochi Hisss!
Sasuke Sarutobi Whoa!
Orochi Heh heh... Lotsss of tasssty looking prey for me...
Saizo Kirigakure It's right next to us!
Narrator Ninja Village: Serpent's Path
Mira Argh! It's coming after us!
Chiyome Mochizuki You look after Mira, <Player's Name>!


Character Dialogue
Narrator Ninja Village: Hundred Gates
Mira Phew... It looks like we gave it the slip...
Sasuke Sarutobi Perhaps... But it didn't look like it'd be giving up easily
Saizo Kirigakure At least thisi s no open space, luckily. If push came to shove, we could-
Orochi Could do what?
Masanari Hattori I shall now recite a kuji, a magical nine-syllable mantra!
Mira Waaagh!
Orochi Hisss... What'sss going on here...?
Mira The snake's shriveling up!
Sasuke Sarutobi But...who's that?
Kuji Charm Tiny! Tiny! Shrink till you're tiny!
Mira (M-Mr. Hattori?!)
Masanari Hattori This is my daemon. She hasn't had a lot of training yet, so she looks quite young...
Masanari Hattori But with a little bit more time, I'll soon be able to summon her true form!
Saizo Kirigakure Never mind that now! We've got to attack the snake while it's all shriveled up!
Chiyome Mochizuki Time to show us what you can do, <Player's Name>

A Seal[]

Character Dialogue
Narrator Ninja Village: Hundred Gates
Orochi Hisss...I don't believe it...
Kuji Charm We did it!
Sasuke Sarutobi L-Look at the state of it!
Kuji Charm Those who've been naughty deserve to be punished!
Kuji Charm ...And youre punishment may as well involve doing something useful!
Kuji Charm Such as...erm... becoming that agent's daemon!
Orochi Eh! Surely not.
Orochi !!!
Saizo Kirigakure Whoa...
Mira Looks like we've got the Orochi on our side now!
Chiyome Mochizuki This is a mistake, Mira...
Mira Oh, yes. You're right. Master, we've no time to lose!
Masanari Hattori There's nothing standing in our way now. LLet's go and see Lord Yagyu
Sasuke Sarutobi (All right. Time to get serious again, Yagyu...)

To the Main Palace[]

Character Dialogue
Narrator Ninja Village: Main Palace
Masanari Hattori Lord Yagyu...
Sasuke Sarutobi So we've finally made it back here...
Mira Have you been here before, then?
Saizo Kirigakure Ah... Yes. This is where we were before we joined up with you.
Sasuke Sarutobi I never thought I'd be coming back here like this...
Masanari Hattori Shh!
Masanari Hattori We'll be coming across Yagyu's phantoms any minute now...
Masanari Hattori Don't htink we can underestimate them just because they're phantoms. We'll need to proceed with caution...


Character Dialogue
Narrator Ninja Village: Main Palace Interior
Sasuke Sarutobi All right, let's not slip up here!
Mira Look, phantoms!


Character Dialogue
Narrator Ninja Village: Main Palace Interior
Mira Yagyu... Hattori has told us everything
Munenori Yagyu So you're here...
Munenori Yagyu Hm. And you seem to realize that I have already made up my mind?
Mira Yes... But we still have to get our hands on the secret document.
Munenori Yagyu I see.
Mira As long as it still exists, our orders are to take it down!
Munenori Yagyu What you're saying is that each of us should do our duty...
Sasuke Sarutobi Look, no one is criticizing you for doing what you did. You were just doing what you could to protect your clan - your family.
Saizo Kirigakure It's absurd to try and analyze such actions in terms of good or bad.
Masanari Hattori ...Let's put an end to that way of thinking.
Masanari Hattori The things that come to light now are not going to have an effect on history. Your loyalty toward your masters is not in doubt. You have given them so much
Munenori Yagyu Impossible...
Munenori Yagyu As leader of the Yagyu family, it is my duty - my only duty - to remain loyal until my dying day.
Mira Yagyu!

A threat[]

Character Dialogue
Narrator Ninja Village: Main Palace Interior
Munenori Yagyu This is my...
Munenori Yagyu Hnnngh!
Sasuke Sarutobi Hey, we can't let him take the easy way out! How selfish!
Saizo Kirigakure Tell us where Shotaro and the secret document are!
Munenori Yagyu Heh heh...
Munenori Yagyu If you really want to take that document... You'll have to defeat me first!
Chiyome Mochizuki Gladly!
Munenori Yagyu Hngh!
Mira !?
Masanari Hattori Lord Yagyu?!
Sasuke Sarutobi Huh?!
Chiyome Mochizuki I finally did it...
Sasuke Sarutobi You fainlly showed your true colors, eh...
Sasuke Sarutobi Chiyome Mochizuki!
Mira Chiyome Mochizuki...? The famous female ninja?!
Sasuke Sarutobi What's Shingen's bitch doing here then?
Chiyome Mochizuki You know what I'm doing here. I still work for the Takeda family.
Saizo Kirigakure This isn't an age in which you can do things like that by yourself, Chiyo...
Chiyome Mochizuki I could do anything I wanted, as long as I had those scrolls.
Chiyome Mochizuki Toyotami's ghosts will shake with rage. I will hunt him down like the dog he is!
Mira S-She's gone!
Mira What was all that about? I'm totally confused...
Sasuke Sarutobi She's so keen to relive the Warring States period, she became a ghost..
Munenori Yagyu Get after her! Don't let the bitch get away!
Mira Yagyu! You're all right?!
Munenori Yagyu Of course! You think something like that could defeat me?
Sasuke Sarutobi We have shared interests at the moment, General Yagyu... How about we fight together?
Munenori Yagyu Hmm... Very well. But just this once, you Sanada idiot!
Mira I guess he must be all right if he's sitll capable of dishing out abuse Le'ts go!

A Trick[]

Character Dialogue
Narrator Ninja Village: Rear of Main Palace
Masanari Hattori What?! This is a fake too?!
Munenori Yagyu I didn't think there'd be this many memorials to Shingen!
Red Rogue Yeah. The smell's all wrong.

The Shrine Maiden[]

Character Dialogue
Narrator Ninja Village: Rear of Main Palace Interior
Chiyome Mochizuki This is it! I found it!
Chiyome Mochizuki The secret document!
Mira Chiyo!
Chiyome Mochizuki Mira... <Player's Name>... Thank you for leading me here. I appreciate it.
Saizo Kirigakure You've sure got spirit, Chiyo.
Chiyome Mochizuki Now, finally, I can fulfill my greatest desire...
Sasuke Sarutobi You're really showing those who think that being a ninja is a man's job.
Chiyome Mochizuki Pride is the only thing that men care about. I'm not syaing that's wrong. But...
Chiyome Mochizuki It's not a good trait for a ninja.
Saizo Kirigakure Unfortunately, however, majority rules, so...
Masanari Hattori You know, right now you are the only one who has fulfilled their duty as a ninja. That is an indisputable fact.
Sasuke Sarutobi After all, your desire is now nothing more than a desire to satisfy yourself.
Chiyome Mochizuki If you insist on getting in my way...
Chiyome Mochizuki That's as maybe, but I've lived my life trying to fulfill the mission that I've given myself.
Chiyome Mochizuki I will dispose of you!

The Ninjas' Elegy[]

Character Dialogue
Narrator Ninja Village: Rear of Main Palace
Chiyome Mochizuki Hngh... I was defeated...
Chiyome Mochizuki (Pant...pant...pant...)
Sasuke Sarutobi The secret document...
Mira What shall we do with this?
Munenori Yagyu It is not for a defeated general to decide what happens next. It appears you are best placed to make that decision.
Chiyome Mochizuki <Player's Name>?! What are you...?!
Mira M-Master...?
Chiyome Mochizuki You mean... You want to become my new master?
Chiyome Mochizuki A contract?!
Mira What a great idea! My master's always been kind to ghosts. He'll take care of you, I promise!
Chiyome Mochizuki But what about my mission? What about my life's work...?
Mira Don't worry! You're sure to find a new mission with us! A new goal!
Masanari Hattori I understand ho you feel, Chiyo You must have been scared.
Masanari Hattori I too felt worthless when I no longer had a duty to fulfill...
Sasuke Sarutobi But it's all right, isn't it? The GUild needs help to defeat Emperor Sutoku!
Saizo Kirigakure They need you, Chiyo! This can be your new mission!
Chiyome Mochizuki ...
Chiyome Mochizuki Hnnngh...
Chiyome Mochizuki I'm so...tired...
Narrator Chiyome throws the secret document into the valley.
Mira Huh?!
Chiyome Mochizuki I won't be bound by that thing any more.
Chiyome Mochizuki ...
Chiyome Mochizuki I am now your servant now, <Player's Name>
Mira Gosh!
Mira Then... Welcome to the team!
Narrator ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
Mira Phew, that was hard work. I felt a real intensity back there, you know?
Mira By the way, it seems that Sasuke and the others found Shotaro Fuma, safe and well.
Mira In order to prevent the document from being used for evil purposes, it seems Shotaro became a soul and protected the entire ninja village.

The Water Mistress[]

Character Dialogue
Mira N-No thank you! We're fine!