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  • Titania (Original), Titania (Ultimate), Titania [HW], Titania [New Year], Titania [Summer] is best used in a Phantom Defense team.
  • Titania [Werewolf] is best used in both Phantom attack and defense teams.
  • Titania (Original) is the Mascot for the "Tower of Midsummer Dreams" Event.
  • Titania (Ultimate), Titania [New Years], and Titania [HW] is best fused with Titania Magatama, and Titania [HW] Magatama as they all possess the same skill.
  • [Werewolf] form best fused with Titania [Werewolf] Magatama.
  • Titania (Ultimate), and Titania [New Year] have the same stats.
  • Titania is a daemon that has appeared in the most events.
  • Titania is acquainted to many daemons such as Cat Sith, Cu Sith, and Jack-O-Lantern.
  • Titania [New Years] is a former Ayakashi Ghost Guild's app mascot.
  • Titania has the most forms in the game.
  • Titania is the fairy queen.
  • Her [Summer] form has the highest MLB defense in the entire game, and is the only daemon to surpass 21000 defense.

More Quotes[]


  • Main: "It's not fair! I want to be a magical girl too..."
  • Skill: "Hey, hey! Give it all you've got!." 
  • Pre-Transmigration: "Hey, <<Player's Name>. My body feels kind of funny... You know, I feel like I might be able to become a magical girl!"


  • Main: "This is just a midsummer night's dream... Will it come again next year, I wonder...?"
  • Skill: "Kindly shut your eyes and kneel down."
  • Transmigration: "I used to be the queen of the spirits who would come dancing down in the moonlight... Now I shall be queen for you alone!"


  • Main: "Halloween is so much fun! I can't wait to tell the folks in the forest all about it!"
  • Skill: "Bow before your queen!"

[New Years][]

  • Main: "Let's enjoy a Japanese new year! Special sushi... Tasty noodles... It's just the best!"
  • Encountering in Shop: "Haha, you're back! Say, why don't we go to Ariake this New Year? This is war after all, you know!"
  • Skill: "You can't sleep until the sun comes up!"


  • Main: "It's so hot! What's with this weather?!"
  • Skill: "You are powerless before me..."
  • Encounter in Shop: "A true queen can enjoy everything...even this sweltering heat!"


  • Main: "A dream? No, not a dream. It's a game."
  • Skill: "So let's hear it! Who do you think it is?"