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Top Ranking Daemons of the year! 2013

Dear Onmyoji! There must be some Daemons whose image, self-introduction line and story (despite of their skills or ATK/DEF) attract you the most. Complete the survey (http://zynga.tm/qpH) and let's waiting for the birth of the 2013 top ranking daemons!

For every participator, you'll get a candy after the survey is completed (around 12/24, 2013). Some lucky players will get special gifts!


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Top Daemon Ranking Results

Pic Daemon Rank Votes
Romantic Tutu Romantic Tutu 101st 32
Kesaran Kesaran 102nd 32
Kaguya Hime Kaguya Hime 103rd 31
Red Queen Red Queen 104th 31
MLRS MLRS 105th 31
Trick or Treat Trick or Treat 106th 30
Yamata no Orochi Yamata no Orochi 107th 30
Ono no Komachi Ono no Komachi 108th 29
Leviathan Leviathan 109th 29
Futsu-No-Mitama Futsu-No-Mitama 110th 29
Astaroth Astaroth 111th 28
Planetarium Planetarium 112th 28
Gyumao Gyumao 113th 28
Lilith Ultimate Lilith 114th 28
Lunar Lucilda Lunar Lucilda 115th 28
Muneyoshi Yagyu(ultimate) Munenori Yagyu 116th 27
Ryukyu Luke Ryukyu Luke 117th 27
Orochi Orochi 118th 27
Belial Belial 119th 27
Dark Night Dress Dark Night Dress 120th 27
Tsuruhime Tsuruhime 121st 26
Rhongomiant Rhongomiant 122nd 25
Cat Sith Cat Sith 123rd 25
Wind Weasel Wind Weasel 124th 25
Galatea Galatea 125th 25
Kasumi Kasumi 126th 24
Aegis Aegis 127th 24
Poisoned Sake Poisoned Sake 128th 24
Skeleton Knight Skeleton Knight 129th 24
Necromancer Necromancer 130th 23
Mars Mars 131st 22
Amanojaku Amanojaku 132nd 22
Omoikane Omoikane 133rd 22
Kaede Kaede 134th 22
Kiku Ichimonji Kiku Ichimonji 135th 21
Takemikazuchi Takemikazuchi 136th 21
Pillow Phantom Pillow Phantom 137th 21
Sphinx Sphinx 138th 20
Hashihime Hashihime 139th 20
Minerva Minerva 140th 20
Hemera Hemera 141st 20
Goddess of Good Fortune Goddess of Good Fortune 142nd 20
Princess Kushinada Princess Kushinada 143rd 19
Rokumeikan Rokumeikan 144th 19
Furiae Furiae 145th 19
Phoenix Phoenix 146th 19
Typhon Typhon 147th 19
Tristan EX Tristan EX 148th 19
Emperor of the Night Emperor of the Night 149th 18
Bunny Bazooka Bunny Bazooka 150th 18
Summer Rain Summer Rain 151st 18
Lancelot (Ultimate) Lancelot 152nd 18
Great Poet Kanesada Great Poet Kanesada 153rd 18
Triton Triton 154th 18
Tadakatsu's Tonbogiri Tadakatsu's Tonbogiri 155th 17
Momotarō Momotarō 156th 17
Goddess of Misfortune Goddess of Misfortune 157th 17
Kiri Kiri 158th 16
Gungnir Gungnir 159th 16
Poltergeist Poltergeist 160th 16
Shingen Takeda Shingen Takeda 161st 16
Rich's Staff of Darkness Rich's Staff of Darkness 162nd 16
Miranda Miranda 163rd 16
Melusine (Ultimate) Melusine 164th 16
Hikoboshi Hikoboshi 165th 15
Pumpkin King Wild Pumpkin King 166th 15
Sensu Sensu 167th 15
Giara Giara 168th 15
Demon Motochika Demon Motochika 169th 14
Milky Way Milky Way 170th 14
945 Lustful Angel 171st 14
Emperor Wulie Emperor Wulie 172nd 14
Pumpkin Knight Pumpkin Knight 173rd 14
Medea (Ultimate) Medea 174th 14
Loup-Garou Loup-Garou 175th 14
Cheshire Cat Cheshire Cat 176th 14
Barbetta Ultimate Barbetta 177th 14
Sleeping Beauty Sleeping Beauty 178th 13
Ox Cart Moko Ox Cart Moko 179th 13
Grinning Aoe Grinning Aoe 180th 13
Bonnie Anee Bonnie Anne 180th 13
Great Galactic Bridge Great Galactic Bridge 181st 12
Geo Cindy Geo Cindy 182nd 12
Goddess of Poverty (Ultimate) Goddess of Poverty 183rd 12
Mary Magdalene Mary Magdalene 184th 12
Kyu (Ultimate) Kyu 185th 12
Sayla Sayla 186th 12
Anne Droid Anne Droid 187th 12
White King White King 188th 12
Julien (Bayashi-5) Julien (Bayashi-5) 189th 11
Loyal Pheasant Loyal Pheasant 190th 11
Mishakuji Mishakuji 191th 11
192nd 11
Venus Venus 193rd 11
AmenoOhabari(ultimate) Ameno Ohabari 194th 11
Triglav (Ultimate) Triglav 195th 11
Biwa Hoshi Biwa Hoshi 196th 11
Metatron Metatron 197th 11
Lu Bu Lu Bu 198th 11
Ramiel Ramiel 199th 11
Kuzuryu Kuzuryu 200th 11
Gretel Gretel (Summer) 201st 11
Pinnie Pinnie 202nd 11
Tsathoggua Tsathoggua 203rd 10
Elixir of Life Elixir of Life 204th 10
Rat Clan Boss Rat Clan Boss 205th 10
Stella Stella 206th 10
Nobutsuna Kamiizumi Nobutsuna Kamiizumi 207th 10
Pearce Pearce 208th 10
Jeweled Branch of Horai Jeweled Branch of Horai 209th 10
Nebiros Nebiros 210th 10
Sakura Sumizome Sakura Sumizome 211th 10
Carbuncle Garnet Carbuncle Garnet 212th 10
Kuroda Yoshitaka Kuroda Yoshitaka 213th 10
Stewart Stewart 214th 10
Daji Daji 215th 10

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