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  • Best used in a Divina attack team.
  • Original form's skill quote is identical to Gungnir's main quote.

More Quotes[]


  • Main: "I cannot open my eyes in front of those impure of heart..."
  • Encountering in Shop: "You still appear faint to me, <Player's Name>... But the time will come..."
  • Skill: "Accept the judgment of the gods!"
  • Pre-Transmigration: "The time is now...Time to see this world...with my own eyes... Finally..."


  • Main: "Who do you not fear my eyes? How are you able to return my gaze? So this is the power you wield over your daemons..."
  • Skill: "Look into my eyes."
  • Transmigration: "My eyes have become imbued with power... I no longer know the meaning of fear."A god who appears in Slavic legend. Previously unable to cast her gaze upon those with an evil nature, she has now been reborn, imbuing her eyes with the power to purify evil.