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  • Special Ability: Increases overall attack when fighting Scorpio/Scorpio [Fallen] during the Galaxy Wars: Venom event.
  • Best used in a Phantom defense team
  • Typhon is one of the first helper daemons, along with Agni and Delphyne, to have a non self boosting skill.
  • Typhon is the second 5 Star that can be obtained in Special Summon that does not have a non self boosting skill. The first one being Amaterasu
  • Typhon is the best Defensive daemon that can be obtained through Special Summon.

More Quotes[]

  • Encountering in Shop: "So you want me to help you, do you? Ha ha ha! The very idea!"
  • Main: "You have spoken that which is forbidden!"
  • Skill: "Take what you have coming to you!"