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John William Waterhouse - Undine

Ondine, di John William Waterhouse (1872).

Undine were a type of water nymphs and had the appearance of young women and were immortal, like all nymphs.  If they were to fall in love with a mortal man and bear his child, they would become mortal.  There was a tale where a Undine fell in love with a man named Lawrence.  When Undine and Lawrence got married, Lawrence swore that he would love the Undine forever and they had a child.  The Undine became mortal and aged as time went on.  Lawrence became tired of her since she had aged, and the Undine found Lawrence in the arms with another woman.  She then put a curse on him where he would still live if he was awake but he would die if he sleeped.  This curse, in modern terms, is actually a disease where patients would lose control of breathing when they sleep.