Animaicon.png Hata no Kokoro [Amusement Park]
"Amusement parks seem to generate a lot of joy from humans. Interesting!"
Daemon ID HataNoKokoroCard Star.pngStar.pngStar.pngStar.pngStar.png
Attackicon.PNG (min/max): 5720/16300
Defensiveicon.PNG (min/max): 5100/14700
Conquesticon.png (conquest): 31000
Limit Break Text.pngAttackicon.PNG/Defensiveicon.PNG: 21323/16840
Limit Break Text.pngConquesticon.png: 38163
Spiritreqicon.PNG: 39
Skillicon.PNGNoh Of Darkness
Dramatically increases all daemons' attack. High Trigger Rate.
Attackicon.PNG/Defensiveicon.PNG (max): 417.95 / 376.92
Conquesticon.png (conquest): 794.87
Limit Break Text.pngAttackicon.PNG/Defensiveicon.PNG: 546.74/431.79
Limit Break Text.pngConquesticon.png: 978.54

My Stats

Level: 183

HP - 151

Attaack - 381

Def - 762

Guild: Rusty♥Hearts

RH - BS - RP - FP.png
RH - BS - RP - FP 2.png

Rival: Whale Master Ash-Ash (Phantom roleplayer in picture above)

Most Wanted Dead: List Too Long to Compute... and still growing...

How to acquire Hata no Kokoro [Amusement Park]

Unseal all 4 Masks of Emotions from the event.

Mask of Hope - 0 / 10

Mask of Anger - 0 / 10

Mask of Despair - 0 / 10

Mask of Joy - 0 / 10

Interesting Quotes

Psycho's main ideology

"Being perfectly normal is always a lie. Everyone is 'weird' in their own way, but that's perfectly fine. That's the true essence of being human."

Ria's killing quote:

"If we had met under different circumstances, you wouldn't be dead."

Yin, explaining her abilities:

"It's not my ability or capability that makes me a powerful threat, it is the fact that I have emotions and thus, respond with my ability that makes me a force to be wary of."

An obituary:

Here Lies Common Sense,

May It Rest In Peace

It Was Brutally Murdered by Certain People in the WIki Comments.

Wise Words from Kazu:

"I did NOT sleep with Santa... I think?"

Fuurin's rage:

"May a cactus do unmentionable things to that piece of cockroach excrement while taking turns with all the hentai and horror monsters ever invented - including but not limited to tentacly beings, giant spiders and not to mention endlessly failing exam grades."

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