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Ok, not an invitee to my name, use TheRay code for a special bonus! My customer number is 36110353413 I am ranked number 6 in the wiki in regards of achievements.

En Garde 4

I had a lot of fun with the En Garde, Ghost Agents Do Battle 4 . I focused on the Grinning Aoe Daemon and with a method of mine. I got her on the second to last day. Unfortunetly, she was the only one I got.

The Ninja Elegy

Tanked right through the Ninja Elegy and got all the way to floor 151 with out ever losing to any Guardian daemons and got my first 5 Star, Munenori Yagyu !

En Garde 5

I aimed, again, for the 4000 point Anima. This time it was Tellie , but unfortunetly for me, there was a major server bug and we were out a day and I had to settle for a Sprite and a couple mags because they sold out too fast >.<

Dragon's Roar, Summer Breeze Super Star!

I headed for the floor 80 daemon, Koi Carp , but when the 66+ monsters showed up, it was too much and i quit, i prob. could've gotten a ranking if i did it all in second half...

En Garde 6

I aimed higher then anytime before this event for the 9000 daemon, Bendita , but i got lazy and i only got to 5000, getting the Summoned Toad , but too late for the Summoned Slug .

Interstellar Tanabata Festival

I had an amazing run, tanking right through all of the guards and getting the 500 wandering ghost, Hayate , and also, not only getting 1, but 2 Shotaro Fuma's because of the invitation gift but for the second one, it was down to the wire! I had an hour left of free time before the event ended!

En Garde 7


I currently have 171 Attack, 210 Health and 168 defence and I am Level 52 with 213 wins and 216 losses. I have 5 fully maxed daemons, 3 4stars and 2 5stars, My strongest Attack Daemon is Shotaro Fuma (Tanabata) with 12800 Attack and my strongest defence Daemon is again Shotaro Fuma (Tanabata) with 9800. My overall as of 10:11, 7/16/13 is 50249 Attack and 41820 Defence. I love Anima's but my team is 1 Anima, 2 Divina, 2 Phantom. 

Goal Daemons

Goals that have been reached

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