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Ayakshi 210: Limit Breaking & Da Liu Ren

Alright everyone, with the confusion of how Da Liu Ren and Limit Breaking works, I thought it would be best I made a blog that everyone can link to instead of repeating the same concepts over and over in the comments.

Let's start with old history:

Previously, these were the level caps for each Star of Daemon

1 Star capped at level 30, base skill level: 7

2 Star capped at level 40, base skill level: 9

3 Star capped at level 50, base skill level: 11

4 Star capped at level 60, base skill level: 13

5 Star capped at level 70, base skill level: 15

The skill level cap of all daemon used to be 20. (There are a few exceptions as this cap didn't exist before which is why some people have skill level 50 Dark elves, but the cap was implemented early on).

Now l…

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InsaneAsylum InsaneAsylum 28 September 2014

A yaoi fanfic, as requested by Kazu Part 1

Fuck, fuck, fuck Kazu thought as he ran down the empty hallway. He wanted to get out of there. He shouldn't have gone there in the first place, his job be damned.




"You know I hate scary places, so why do I have to go?" Kazu whined to his boss as glared at the offending video camera that was on the table. He always wanted to use it. He heard from his colleagues that the camera had so many modes, it was impossible to use them all unless he seriously deviated off the job. So, despite the golden opportunity, Kazu didn't want to even touch it.


"And here I thought you always wanted to use this model of video cameras for your reports," his boss snickered, his light purple eyes flashing with amusement. "I've heard from my other workers how much y…

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InsaneAsylum InsaneAsylum 23 September 2014

30-D RS. Trial 4

Going to pretty much regret buying you since my past 3 30-d resulted in 0 5*s. (Fck you RNG)

Here goes nothing. (probably wasted my gold zzz)

Edit 1: Welp, 1/3rd of the way through and it's utter garbage. :/

Edit 2: Fck dis -.-. 2/3rd and its trash ontop of trash

Edit 3: 5 Days + a bonus left and STILL nothing good. Thanks a lot RNGods.

Edit 4: Finally a 5 star. Jesus

Total Loot: 2 Anne Droids to skill cap my first one, 4 Silver apples, 2 Naotora li's to skill my my first one, 1 Io, Day 31?

Day 1 - Naotora li
Day 2 - Zashiki Warashi
Day 3 - Starla
Day 4 - Naotora li (2)
Day 5 - Anne Droid

Day 6 - Pioneering Medic
Day 7 - Archangel
Day 8 - Arch-Daemon
Day 9 - Mara Mousette
Day 10 - Michizane's Bow

Day 11 - Clifford
Day 12 - Snow Woman
Day …

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InsaneAsylum InsaneAsylum 10 January 2014


How many tickets are you buying for this cruise liner?

We'll be seeing whales and other marine wildlife!

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InsaneAsylum InsaneAsylum 20 August 2013

Boundary of Friendship and Suggestion 4

It was a normal lazy Sunday for Ikkun, Toshi, and Kazu. Kazu was lying on the couch. The television was on, but he was more focused on the ceiling than the television. Ikkun was sitting on the adjacent sofa, pillow tucked between his chest and knees. He seemed to be staring intently at a random patch of space as if there was something actually there. Toshi was sitting in the armchair, trying to draw something, but nothing came to mind. All she had on the piece of paper in her hand was several sketched out lines that formed nothing.

“I never knew people could die of boredom,” Kazu muttered, rolling onto his side. “Man, there is nothing to do today.”

“We could, like, summon some daemon to play around with,” Ikkun muttered. “Bleh, I’m too bored…

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