Alright everyone, with the confusion of how Da Liu Ren and Limit Breaking works, I thought it would be best I made a blog that everyone can link to instead of repeating the same concepts over and over in the comments.

Let's start with old history:

Previously, these were the level caps for each Star of Daemon

1 Star capped at level 30, base skill level: 7

2 Star capped at level 40, base skill level: 9

3 Star capped at level 50, base skill level: 11

4 Star capped at level 60, base skill level: 13

5 Star capped at level 70, base skill level: 15

The skill level cap of all daemon used to be 20. (There are a few exceptions as this cap didn't exist before which is why some people have skill level 50 Dark elves, but the cap was implemented early on).

Now let's add in New History!

All daemons, excluding Da Liu Ren and Magatamas, have something I'll dub the "Limit Bar." This Limit Bar shows how many times your daemon can be Limit Broken. Upon reaching max Limit Breaks (4 Breaks), the daemon's border will change and you will have arrived at the maximum stats the daemon can ever obtain. Every limit break you perform onto a daemon, it can get 5 more levels added to it.

EX. Dark Elf is a 3*, which means her level cap is 50. Upon fusing a clone Dark Elf or a 3* or higher Da Liu Ren, she will gain 1 bar in her Limit Bar and can now be levelled to 55.

Now for the skill levels.

Excluding 5*, the skill level cap is STILL 20. No matter how many magatamas or clones of the card you fuse, you will NOT raise the skill any higher than 20. It's EASIER now to hit this max skill cap of 4* and below since the rule of "1 skill level, per 5 daemon levels" still exists. With Limit Break, the current caps are...

1 Star base is level 30, base skill level: 7. Max Limit Break at level 50, skill level 11

2 Star base is level 40, base skill level: 9. Max Limit Break at level 60, skill level 13

3 Star base is level 50, base skill level: 11. Max Limit Break at level 70, skill level 15

4 Star base is level 60, base skill level: 13. Max Limit Break at level 80, skill level 17

5 Star base is level 70, base skill level: 15. Max Limit Break at level 90, skill level 20.

Now, you only need 9 copies of a 1* card to hit max skill, 7 copies of a 2*, 5 copies of a 3*, or 3 copies of a 4* to hit the level cap now!

But, wait it gets better! For every clone card you fuse, you INSTANTLY get +1 to your skill level!

But wait, it gets even BETTER! A limit broken transmigrate will carry on the Limit Bar into it's Ultimate form!

EX) If your Nyx is currently at level 3 Limit Bar. If you transmigrate it, Nyx (Ultimate) will ALSO be at level 3 Limit Bar!!!


5 Star base is level 70, base skill level: 15. Max Limit Break at level 90, skill level 20.

You might be thinking, "Kind sir, did you fail 1st Grade Math. Shouldn't the Max Limit Break skill level be 19."

Ah ha! I have not. It has been rumored that for 5*, the last limit break (levels 85 --> 90) can reward you with TWO skill levels! Yes TWO! (Still uncofirmed. Current cap is stil 24. If someone has a 25, I'll edit this off)

5*s also recieve a special treatment in which their skill levels can hit 25! As such, fusing in 5 clones of a 5* card or using the proper skill magatama onto a card can net you a Skill level 25 card!


If you are Limit Breaking a card, make sure the original card IS FULLY LEVELED. Otherwise you get some BS of underleveled skills and yadda yadda.

Da Liu Ren

Now to explain how the card Da Liu Ren works. As you can see (if you click on the link), there are FIVE different Da Liu Rens. One for each different Star. The point of Da Liu Ren is to help Limit Break cards in which you can't obtain clones of, such as old Limited Rare Summons or Event cards! Da Liu Ren will raise the Limit Bar up by 1 upon fusing it into another card.


Da Liu Ren can ONLY Limit Break if it's star value is GREATER THAN OR EQUAL to the card you are fusing it into.

EX) Grim Reaper + 5* Da Liu Ren = Limit Break!

EX) Grim Reaper + 4* Da Liu Ren = Nothing happens

EX) Nyx + 4* Da Liu Ren = Limit Break!

EX) Nyx + 5* Da Liu Ren = Limit Break!

Da Liu Ren will NOT increase your skill level by 1. It will raise your potential level cap, However, it will not help you obtain the max skill level a card can own.


Limit Broken cards have boosted up stats, however other cards get better stats than others. There is no formula that currently dictates how each card acts.

Currently known cards to be the best to Da Liu Ren are

Mira [ANNV], Dora [ANNV], Mira [Anniversary], and Great Poet Kanesada as they all exceed 39k total stats. Various other good cards are

Qitian Dasheng [Academy], Summer Rain, Titania [Werewolf], Planetarium [Amusement Park], and various others

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