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  • Can be put in both teams, but best put in a Anima Attack team due to her skill.
  • Vanilla [New Year] is the only Daemon from the "Tower of Dolls" to be in a limited time Rare Summon.
  • Vanilla has skills in sewing as she made Musk's Halloween Costume.
  • She seems to be very concerned about her siblings behavior, as Amber mentions that Vanilla will become mad if Musk does not thank the player.
  • Vanilla and Vanilla [Werewolf] have been featured as Ayakashi Ghost Guild's app mascot.

More Quotes[]


  • Main: "You gave us dreams... Now it is my turn to fulfill your dreams."
  • Skill: "Welcome to the never-ending cycle of destruction."
  • Successful Negotiation?: "It's painful.......because.....I was once happy.....when I was once happy....."Reset Code" Vanilla.....we, Jasmine, Musk......Cinnamon......Amber......again, we will only dream <Player's Name>.....thank you.......for rescuing me from this nightmare..."
  • Event: "I won't let my brothers and sisters eyes be tainted. Code accepted, start up the auto defensive system."

[New Year][]

  • Main: "Happy new year. I wish you all the joy this world has to offer."
  • Encounter in Shop (New Year): "You're the reason we can all relax on these long winter nights, <Player's Name>."
  • Encounter in Shop (Anniversary): "Long time no see. Do you still remember me?"
  • Skill: "This aroma shall transport you to the netherworld..."

[Werewolf] & -[]

  • Main: "Kill or be killed. It's kind of poetic, don't you think?"
  • Skill: "Werewolves? I love a good horror game!"
  • Encounter in Shop: "Very well. Why don't you show me how it's done?"