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Origin 1[]

Wellie may be based off one of those girls in the well, in the so-called haunted videos. In the video, a girl would climb out of the well and proceed toward you. The ghost of the woman's child named Samara. During his childhood, he killed his mother because it was believed to have brought the curse. Her body was thrown in a well. The ghost always stalks people who watched the cursed video which featured the figure of Samara coming out of the well. So people who watched it, will be killed after watching that video.

Origin 2[]

She may be based off of similar ghosts like Okiku

Origin 3[]

Wellie may be based on Sadako Yamamura, the antagonist of the Ring Trilogy novels, which was later adapted into several films and television shows. Sadako's story varies in every version but among the constant elements of the story is that she possesses supernatural abilities that would result in her getting thrown down into a well for one reason or another, and that she later uses her powers to create a cursed video tape that would kill any who watch it. Sadako is the main inspiration for Origin 1's Samara Morgan of the American film entitled The Ring, and its sequel The Ring Two.