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  • Together, the Black Angel and Red Angel are in search for the White Angel and Blue Angel.
  • Can be fused with Hare of Inaba Magatama to raise its skill.
  • White Angel is the strongest Rarity 1 Daemon in Defense so it is a good starter for Defense, but if you have the daemon Dinnie, it is best to use her instead because she has a better skill for defense and higher defense.
  • Best used in a Defense team, but not a Attack team, as her attack is low.
  • She, Snow Sprite and Pearce are only daemons from story to be in free summon.

More Quotes[]

  • Main: "So children aspire to be like me? Well, who can blame them?"
  • Skill: "All I want is a little divine protection, la la." 
  • Encounter: "Ooooohhhhhh won't somebody heeeeelpppp meeeeee...♪ I'm stuck in this place and I'm mighty looonelyyy...♪"
  • Successful Negotiation: "Oh, how nice! If I go with you, I might be able to see my boss, mightn't I?"