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Best Love Dialogue Writing Competition

Dear Onmyoji! Among all the Daemons in Ayakashi, whose relationship interested you the most? Is it the one between Shuten-dōji and Ibaraki Doji? Or the story between Saizo Kirigakure and Sasuke Sarutobi ? Or you found yourself most interested in the complicated relationship between Susanoo, Amaterasu and Ameno Uzume? Choose your actors and write them a dialogue.

Where to write[]

Ayakashi Facebook Fanpage

How to join the event Choose a pair of Daemons, write them a dialogue of love. (Within 80 words ) We’ll release the writing event announcement every day on official Facebook fanpage. Comment it to show your dialogue (as shown below).


Ibaraki Doji: My lady! Can’t wait to see you in other beautiful dresses.

Shuten-dōji: Well, beg Zynga to put me in new events.


  1. ) 10 winners will be chosen by Ayakashi team as the first round winners.
  2. ) 3 winners will be chosen by every Onmyoji as the best writing winners.

Event period[]

Start time: 12/25,2013 Writing until: 12/30,2013 First round winners release time : 1/2,2014 Best writing winners release time: 1/5,2014


Pic Award How to obtain
SilverSpirit Water Spirit + 5000 Silver Coins Top Ten
N/A Love Package Winner


  • @Ventus Hikaru


Emperor of time : h-hey kaguya. can I sit next to you ?

Kaguya-hime : no

Emperor of time : can I hold your hand ?

Kaguya-hime : don't even think about that.

Emperor of time : can I kiss you?

Kaguya-hime : try if you dare!

Emperor of time : then, will you marry me ?

Kaguya-hime : how many times do I have to tell you!? we can’t married because I will go to the moon and never came back to earth.

Emperor of time : okay, when you go to moon I will back to the past and meet you again, again and again. I always love you and this feelings will never fade.

Kaguya-hime : ...

  • @Ho Dinh Phu and

-203 votes

Kirigakure: oh Sasuke there's some thing on your lips... let me clean it ....

Sasuke Sarutobi: stop it pervert gay, I'm getting tired with your act ! gaaah nvm *go away

Saizo Kirigakure: b-but it always work in Anime ! eh?! w-wait Sasuke ! !

  • @Silvero Shan

-170 votes

Shuten Doji: Ibaraki, choose between me and breathing!

Ibaraki: my lady, if I had to choose between you and breathing, I would use my last breath to say I love you...

Top Ten[]

  • @ Silvero Shan
  • @ Ernest Choi
  • @ Ho Dinh Phu
  • @ Chappy Katalbas
  • @ Francis De Vera
  • @ Ventus Hikaru
  • @ Sam Eastwood
  • @ Ava Hall
  • @ Dennhec Daniels
  • @ Meani Inuzuka