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  • Yoshitsune is the only Daemon that transmigrates two times
  • Best placed in a Divina Attack team.
  • He appears in the story in Chapter Eight: A Vengeful Spirit Returns.

More Quotes[]


  • Main: "Together, my brother and I will avenge our father!"
  • Pre-transmigration: "<Player's Name>! Make me stronger!"
  • Skill: "May the name of the Genji Warriors live on!"


  • Main: "What do you make of my swordsmanship, then?"
  • Pre-transmigration: "<Player's Name>, grant me greater strength. I'm counting on you."
  • Transmigration: "Right! First task? To find myself an assistant!"
  • Skill: "Let this sound be heard far and wide!"


  • Main: "Dear brother... Will we ever meet again in this life?"
  • Transmigration: "Hey, <Player's Name>. We make a good team. Let's stick together."
  • Skill: "Right! Battle time, as ever!"