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  • Yottie is best used in a Anima Attack team.
  • The jet stream in real life is actually a tunnel of incredibly fast winds at very high altitudes, allegedly discovered sometime around World War II by the Axis powers. It has little to directly do with water.

More Quotes[]

(5 tons)[]

  • Main: "Summer sea, all you're missing is me!"
  • Skill: "Splish splash splosh!"
  • Transmigration: "Oooh, what fun that was! Hey, you know what? I think I can get even better than I am now..."
  • Encounter in Shop 1: ""
  • Encounter in Shop 2: ""

(40 tons)[]

  • Main: "Splash! Hey, don't be embarrassed! Get on board with me!"
  • Skill: "Look! Blue marine magic!"
  • Transmigrated: "Hooray! Now we can have fun together even after the summer ends!"
  • Encounter in Shop: ""


  • Main: "Who's for a Halloween cruise? If you don't join, I'll play a trick on you!"
  • Encountering Before Tower: "I hope I'm not too late...I've been wanting to take <Player's Name> on a moonlit cruise. I've made all sorts of preparations...I don't know what I'd do if I didn't get to meet them......But that doesn't matter! I will meet them! So everything's fine! Smiles all round! All right! Time to practice my mischief making..."
  • Skill: "Are you ticklish?"

[AYA Cup][]

  • Main: "Off to the stadium! Can't wait for the match to start!"
  • Encounter in Shop: "I think this is what they call "sleep deprivation."
  • Skill: "Brazilians are all such lovely hosts."